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Designing of surface water collecting and discharging network for Abadan Oil Refinery

Client: Abadan Refinery Co.

Start date: May, 2006

Completion date: June, 2007

Narrative description of Project:

The area of the project is located in Khuzestan- Abadan, on the edge of Arvandrood river, between Abadan to the capital of the province, the distance is 127 km. Due to the necessity of construction of facilities and infrastructures in order to collect and dispose of surface water, the project of network design and collection of surface water of Abadan refinery was developed. Accordingly, documents foe biding related were set up to identify certain volumes and size of the project in different sections of the system. Designing a network of surface canals and pumping water into the Arvandrood River were carried out to isolate oil from surface water and prevent the pollution of the Arvandrood River.

Technical details of Project:

  • Organizing the pipe tracks in the 10 districts
  • Harvesting of poor soil and floor cleaning
  • Developing and construction of transverse slopes and the pipe tracks, demolition and reconstruction of pipe track sidewalls
  • Construction of concrete foundations on the floor, implementation of a network for collecting surface water of the road implementation of the canal using pre-made curbs
  • Construction of concrete street gutter, excavation, embankment and land leveling at the reservoir sites and construction of water pipeline of process water to the adjacent pipe tracks
  • Construction of water collection network for process water at the reservoir site
  • Construction of Intubation Network for Surface Water Disposal and Process of Refinery
  • Construction of collecting ponds and pumping systems
  • Organizing the pipe tracks and different sections according to the provided maps and specifications

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