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Study of aquaculture consumption per capita in Khuzestan Province

Client: Department of Khuzestan Fisheries

Start date: March, 2008

Completion date: September, 2011

Narrative description of Project:

The aquatic product consumption per capita study in Khuzestan province was formulated with three main goals by Department of Khuzestan Fisheries and Asarab Co was entrusted to conduct this study. The purpose in this research was to investigate the behaviour of households in aquatic and fishery product consumption in Khuzestan province quantitatively and qualitatively. Other objectives of this project were to identify the factors influencing on the behaviour trends of aquaculture and fishery product consumption in the province. The results of this study are presented in the form of strategies for promoting and optimizing of aquatic and fishery product consumption.

Technical details of Project:

Services provided for Department of Khuzestan Fisheries is stated in the following:

Studying the current status of supply and demand for aquatic products in the province

Identification of potentials, capabilities and function of aquaculture and breeding in the province

Providing questionnaire and surveying residents of all the cities in Khuzestan

Providing management solutions to increase aquatic consumption

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